Episode 209

Published on:

9th Jan 2024

We Have Not Avoided A Recession Yet

Despite all the positive commentary regarding the increasing likelihood of a "soft landing," Chris, Saied and Haroon are not convinced that the economy is in a good place. Episode 209 kicks off with a look at the looming CPI report data and US national debt. Then they break down how the Fed has stopped talking about a recession for three consecutive meetings in a row now. The Higher Standard boys urge you not to make the same mistake that many made during the dot-com and housing bubbles because they believe The Great Correction is coming.

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What To Look For From The December 2023 CPI Report (Forbes)

US national debt hits record $34 trillion as Congress gears up for funding fight (Yahoo! Finance)

The Federal Reserve is done talking about recession (Business Insider)

A soft landing for US economy is 'increasingly conceivable' but not 'inevitable': Fed's Barkin (Yahoo! Finance)

Recession deniers are making the same mistake as during the dot-com and housing bubbles, top economist David Rosenberg says (Business Insider)

5 Best Money Resolutions for the Middle Class, According to Experts (Yahoo! Finance)

Fed Minutes Suggest Rate Hikes Are Over, but Offer No Timetable on Cuts (Wall Street Journal)

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