Episode 12

Published on:

25th Jan 2022

Friendships Are Not What We Think

It's likely that you're familiar with the name of Grant Cardone. He's all over the internet dispensing advice and promoting a The concept of friendship is not one we often consider in relation to business. However, relationships are essential tools for creating success in our professional lives, even in light of the pandemic.

The desire to be wealthy or successful is sometimes viewed as wrong somehow, as if it denotes greed or selfishness, but as you'll see, that thinking may be completely wrong.

In today's episode of The Chris Naghibi Show, Chris shares some insights into relationships and business, and why being "greedy" may not be a bad thing at all.

You'll discover why relationships are the truest form of currency in business, and why we tend to see relationships in business very differently than in our personal lives.

You'll learn why time in the office - even just 2-3 days a week - is a powerful, if intangible, resource for success.

You'll also learn the reasons why high-income learners are generally less likely to feel lonely than low-income earners.

Join Chris as he explores the world of friendships in business and how they can help us reach greater levels of success.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why in the business world, relationships are the truest form of currency.
  • Why regular, physical contact with people, such as in an office environment, is an intangible and vital tool for maintaining healthy relationships. 
  • The reasons why, generally speaking, wealthy people are less likely to be lonely than non-wealthy people. 
  • The understanding that relationships evolve and shift naturally over time, and that sometimes they run their course and must be severed.
  • And so much more...


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